Pin Press

Pin press is a really useful supplemental exercise with a partial press movement, where the bar is placed across the safety pins at a height ranging from the chin to above the forehead.

It is a good exercise to get past you sticking point in the mid range of the movement..

Partial movements are perceived easier then main movements due to reduced ROM, but doing it for the first time can be a bit difficult, so don’t abandon all hope! You will do strict reps because you will be pressing from a dead stop each rep.


1) Grab the bar with your same grip width you use in your Overhead Press, keep the elbows in

front, and make sure the abs are braced and you are upright as you initiate the press from a dead stop. Squeeze your glutes, quads and abs as hard as you can.

2)When the bar starts moving, drive it back over your center of mass and push your head forward.

3)Lower the bar under control and let it rest on the pins before initiating another repetition.


- Take the same grip you use on your OHP and make sure your elbows don’t flare out when you push up.

- Once you start pushing make sure you don’t arch in your back. Keep the upright posture and push up.

- Breathe in, brace, squeeze the glutes and push as fast as you can.Each rep should be explosive but controlled.


Pin Press is used to get past your sticking point in the Overhead Press.


Pin Press is used as a supplemental exercise after your main exercise.

1-2 times a week - 3-4 sets of 5-8 repetitions.


One of the most common mistakes with the Pin Press and Overhead Press are:

- Having your wrists bent backwards, leaning back, using leg drive, pressing in front of your body and not staying tight throughout the set and breaking form


Seated Overhead Pin Press