I am a self-taught athlete and a licensed trainer based in Novi Sad, Serbia. 

My background

Everything I learned and achieved I did on my own, without any guidance or instruction, which means that all I achieved was done through experimentation and learning from my own mistakes. This made my progress stall and my development as an athlete did suffer because of this, but it has made me a better trainer.

I have a various training background and I aim towards being a good overall athlete. Not to specialize in a certain field, but to be good in many.

I have trained different disciplines like parkour, gymnastics, weightlifting and acrobatics in the past 12 years. I am very passionate about the development of physical attributes in a person and about the learning process, so teaching is something I greatly enjoy. 

Throughout my time as a trainer I learned that every person is different, and if something works well for one, it might not work for another, thus a unique approach is needed for each individual. 

I believe in the phrase "Practice What You Preach", thus this means that I stand on the side where I believe a coach should have gone through and experienced the things he is teaching.

More about me and my training history

As a kid I was not so interested in regular sports like football, tennis, judo, boxing, etc.

Even though I tried all the sports available in my hometown, there was always something that didn’t make me stick with the sport over the course of two months. I was always jumping from one sport to another and looking for something different that I would really enjoy for a longer period.

Discovery of Parkour

Back In 2007, at age 13, I met my friend Kosta on my summer vacation and that’s when I was introduced to parkour.

Kosta showed me a couple of parkour videos he had on his phone, and as a kid that never saw something like that, I was instantly hooked. After that, I continued to train parkour for the next 9 years.

Parkour changed my personality, and it allowed me to connect with like-minded people. The feeling of self-improvement was addicting. It thought me how to approach training and how to challenge myself physically and mentally. 

After finishing High School I started developing an interest in learning more about physical development and coaching, so I chased further knowledge regarding sport and physical education. 

This is when I started training more seriously. I changed my approach to training and did more supplementary work next to parkour. I did a mix of bodyweight & weight exercises for the upper body and weight training for the lower body. 

Transition to Bodyweight Training

Back in 2016 I suffered a low back injury (Bulging disc L3-4-5) in a gym doing Squats that made me back off from parkour. Unfortunately, this injury didn’t allow me to continue with parkour any further, so I had to explore different activities.  

At the time I did a lot of gymnastic type training. Working on full-body mobility and doing upper body strength training on gymnastic rings and parallettes. 

I learned from my mistakes and my development as a coach improved. 

My injury had ups and downs, but I recovered in the summer of 2018. Since then my training approach totally changed, and I started doing a slow rehabilitation that would return me back to my full performance. I started getting back to jumps and weighted exercises, and I started doing parkour once again.