I'm a traceur and a coach, mostly interested in the field of biomechanics.
Working with athletes on improving performance in certain sports/activities is what I excel at, with jumping ability being my forte.

I’m training various activities my whole life but the two mains ones are parkour and freediving. Been training parkour for 13 years now and its philosophy shaped me into what I am today.
At one point I decided to join the faculty of sports to further increase my knowledge. When I got my bachelor's, I went to study theoretical physics, but gave it up after two years and decided to focus on sports science instead.

If I have to highlight only one thing from studying physics, it would be “evidence-based mindset”.

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I was quite confident speaking of certain issues like they are downright facts, because I read them in my textbooks or heard my professors speak about it. However, I became quite skeptical and now I’m trying to triple check everything, restraining myself from expressing an opinion if I don’t know how viable the information is. That mindset is what I’m trying to propagate with smash training.
There's one more thing I say to all my clients and friends who ask for advice.
The most important thing is to actually find joy in physical activity that you do.
Most people indulge themselves in training strictly for the end goal, but the end goal is almost never reached. If you don't like your training, either change the activity, the approach, or find a way to actually enjoy that process.

Those are my two main principles, and I'm looking forward to adding more to the list!